Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review ~ Buried Thunder - Tim Bowler

Buried ThunderHardback purchased by myself

Publisher: Oxford University

ISBN: 9780192728388

Pages: 220

It was meant to be the perfect venture. A beautiful guesthouse in a beautiful village with a sprawling forest nearby. Maya's parents have sunk all their money and hopes into The Rowan Tree and they're determined to make it work. Then Maya strays into the forest - and into a nightmare

My Opinion

Psychological thrillers are not usually something I enjoy but Tim Bowler is one of the few authors who keep me coming back to the genre. It started with his book Frozen Fire (which is an unbelievably good book that I would highly recomend) and then I have read quite a few of his other books which I loved, leading me to purchase Buried Thunder with big expectations.

Thankfully this book did not disappoint and was just as good as others by this author. The plot was fast paced, unpredictable and tense. Because it is a sort of murder mystery parts did freak my out, especially when the characters are exploring an old hotel, and the little noises inside my house did play tricks on my mind. The fact that the writing was so vivid that it only added to my nerves, you could picture everything clearly.

The psychological aspect with Maya was great as well, it really gave the book suspense as to what was going on. Normally I don't like the whole "no one believes me" routine of a main character but it worked with Buried Thunder as Maya was not whiney about it. Instead it drove her to figure out what was going on. I really couldn't put it down, I just had to keep turning the pages to find out what was going on and who did what. The fact that it is a short book as kept me reading on as I finished it in a matter of hours

As well as this Tim Bowler tends to use lots of speech in his books which I love as it move the story on quickly and in my opinion is more interesting to read. I wasn't so keen on Tom constantly referring to Maya as "sis" but that's me being picky. 

Overall Buried Thunder was just as good as other books I have read by this author and lived up to my expectations. Tim Bowler is a great author that I would highly recommend if you get the chance and I will definitely be checking out the last few books by him I haven't read!

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