Saturday, 18 May 2013

Book Spotlight - Wetion by James Allan Krause



Wetion is an imaginative tale about the importance of communication in our survival. From the time of Adam and Eve, the storyline describes the defining moments of 2,000 generations since. Readers will experience early Africa, ancient Babylonia, Europe’s coming-of-age and the allure of early America. Come ponder the history of writing, and its role in the making of laws, lore, class and cures - enlighten it will!

Memories of our ancestors’ most profound experiences are stored in our brain cells. Addy Blair has been told it is possible to release these by consuming edible substances native to each of the places his ancestors once inhabited. Accompanied by his wife Evelyn, he spent three months collecting the suitable ingredients from each region shown on his chart. Upon returning home, he added smidgens of each sample to the salad prepared for the evening meal. A theory was proven when the minerals in the ingredients triggered the release of his lineage’s defining moments, those that occurred over a period of thousands of years. During one very deep sleep following the meal, the memories were unleashed.

Genre: Historical Fiction

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About the Author
James Allan Krause, PhD, is from a family of accomplished writers. The author has completed degree programs in France, Germany, Canada, and a PhD in the USA. The author works as a writer, songwriter, playwright and on-line educator. Wetion is the author's fourth book and first in a series of five e-book musicals planned.

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