Saturday, 4 May 2013

Book Spotlight - Sapphire Eyes: The Secret Society of Magical Medics 1 by Rebekah Honeycutt

Sapphire Eyes (The Secret Society of Magical Medics #1)Sapphire Eyes: The Secret Society of Magical Medics 1

Kyelena is a single mother struggling to make ends meet by working as an EMT in Kozak County. Her six year old son, Korey, is her one and only priority as she trudges through the murky waters of her everyday life. Being an Emergency Medical Technician is hard work, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges that await Kyelena after a seemingly ordinary work day turns her life upside down…
After a secret society makes Kyelena an offer she can’t refuse, she is thrust into a world of magic and wonderment. All of her everyday worries are a thing of the past when the society gives her a new house, a new car, and pays all of her bills.
Kyelena will soon discover being part of this secret society also comes with consequences when it is revealed that her induction is about to cause a war and it will be up to her to stop it. But will her new magical abilities be enough?

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult

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Rebekah HoneycuttAbout the Author
Rebekah is a paramedic in Western North Carolina, a student of American Sign Language- Interpreter Education, but more importantly she is the mother of a wonderful young man. She enjoys swinging on the playground and following roads without a destination. She loves to smile and carries an invisible cup filled with optimism.

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