Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Book Spotlight - The Metamorphosis of Elissa Brown by Rebecca Lawrance

The Metamorphosis of Elissa Brown

Folk have been heard to say, 'There's madness in my family.' How would you feel if you found yourself saying, 'There's monsters in my family,' or even, 'Supernatural beings?'

Elissa Brown is an average, orange haired teenager who deems herself a geek. She lives with her Grandmother in a small village surrounded by sea and roaming hills. Her mother is dead leaving nothing but a few oddments and a smelly book of tales full of strange beings and stories of magic, love and loss.

Her heart yearns for the boy next door. Her love is unrequited until she stumbles into a world where romance becomes reality and the monsters of fairy tales are just a strand of DNA away, waiting for a catalyst to unleash them.

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Image of Rebecca LawranceAbout the Author
I always considered myself an artist who loved telling stories through pictures. For a short period of time I was an exam invigilator and the one thing that stopped me slipping into an abyss of abject boredom was my imagination. After three hours watching students, heads bowed, busily writing for their futures, I realised that I had envisioned a feature length film of my own creation, from start to finish, in my mind's eye. I came too from my internal reverie to find a poor student waving frantically, desperate for the toilet.
From then on I was obsessed with writing. I found a treasure trove of stories on browning paper, scrawled with my own childish script. Reading them I was filled with a mixture of pride that I had been an ardent writer from such a young age, and sadness that I had forgotten this storytelling passion and left many tales unfinished.
I still love drawing, especially with my children, but I am over the moon I have told a story from start to finish. Many challenges barred the way. I lost thirty thousand words when my computer crashed and I've had two children necessitating writing this novel in the wee hours of the night and in the quiet time before dawn and their rising.
The second book in this series is already underway. The time it takes me to write it depends on my little ones going to bed and being quiet until morning - here's hoping!

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