Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Books Spotlight - Gabriella by Alan Hardy



The occasion of the annual cricket match between the St. Swithin’s Boys School First XI and the team from the local grammar school is a grudge match, the grammar school never having won or drawn a match. Gabriella Blenkinsop is the Head Girl of the St Swithin’s Girls School and takes it personally when a grammar-school boy called Jim Collier starts to show some prowess and begins to get their batsmen out, putting the public-school team in grave danger of actually losing for once.

Using her personal charm (or is it charms?) she begins to systematically disarm Jim, but it seems he is responding to it rather than being cowed. Suddenly the tables are turned and it is Gabriella who is disarmed. Each of the two protagonists alternately rises to the challenge and then succumbs, until the game becomes a metaphor for the sexual act.

Genre: Romance/Satirical

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Alan  HardyAbout the Author
I'm a director of an English language school for foreign students. Married, with one daughter. Poetry pamphlets: Wasted Leaves, 1996; I Went With Her, 2007. I've had poems published in such magazines as Orbis, Iota, The Interpreter's House, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poetry Cornwall, and others. I have now written five novels. I would describe them as surreal novels exploring the nature of relationships, romantic and sexual, and Britain's class-system, with liberal use of comedy and satire, creating original and riveting settings full of humour, romance, sex and adventure.

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