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Book Spotlight - The Ancient Kings Series by V. J. O. Gardner

Blood of Ancient Kings


A medieval story of love, honor, and courage.

As a young prince grows up and advances through the military ranks, with his true identity unknown to his friends, he meets a young girl and they become friends. As the years pass their friendship blossoms into true love, knowing that she already has an arranged marriage and he being royalty most certainly has one as well, they still continue with their relationship. As their friendship progresses he must be courageous as he goes through many trials, testing his love for her, his loyalty to the kingdom, and in doing what’s right as an officer and a gentleman. The story spans multiple generations, their families deal with many problems, going from the pain of death, to the joy of birth as they feel the blood of the ancient kings running through their veins.

The book was written with young adults in mind, however with no foul language, graphic sex or violence they are appropriate for reader’s as young as ten. The author allows the reader’s imagination to fill in between the lines with their own experience, so even parents and grandparents will enjoy them.

The story begins with King Burkhart, who is an evil tyrant of a king, holding his beloved wife and queen as she is dying from giving birth to his first born. Suddenly the door is kicked open! Colonel Langward from his own army, now fighting to take the kingdom from him, is standing there with his bloody sword in hand. As King Burkhart kneels at his conqueror’s feet hoping for death so he can join his beloved wife, his only true love, he hears the cry of his new born child! The new king has compassion and instead of killing him, allows him to live to raise his daughter but he must live among the very people he abused as king. He is given only what he can carry with him and taken to a small village. On his first night there he wakes to find the tiny house on fire. He grabs his infant and the bag with their few belongings only to find the door will not open, it’s blocked! He breaks through the door to find the enraged villagers that are burning the house, he runs trying to find a place to hide as he is pelted with rocks. He runs to a bridge over a brook and crawls under it, into to the mud to protect his infant knowing he must survive, if only for her. For the first time in his life he is truly afraid of death, but not for himself, for his daughter.

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Quest of the King


A medieval adventure of love, honor, and dragons

As volcanoes surrounding there kingdom threaten to destroy it, the royal family must leave  in search for the answer to an ancient riddle that foretells of the salvation of their kingdom. As they journey through a neighboring kingdom, they are captured by the evil King Gustave. Princess Sonje and her father escape leaving Queen Elva behind. Knowing that King Gustave is in pursuit they must take refuge in a forbidden forest. As they rest in the forest they meet the mysterious Lord Dracona and he demands that she remains in his abandoned kingdom where he lives in solitude with dragons as his only companions.

Princess Sonje discovers him to be kind, as she tries to keep her magical talents hidden from him. Eventually she finds that Lord Dracona too has carefully hidden secrets including a powerful magical sword that will serve only one man and a pair of dragons. As their lives become more intertwined and dependent upon each other, they are separated, each on their own quest. 

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Three Kingdoms of Alessandrine

A medieval story of conflict, romance and salvation

Once Marriah’s life had been happy, that was until Larkin had enslaved her and her father. Now
 Marriah’s life consisted of enduring being beaten and whipped at Larkin’s hand. You will follow Mariah as she escapes her captor and finds a new life with Lord and Lady Dracona. As she finds a friend in a dragon, she begins to heal from her ordeal of slavery. When she meets the king of a neighboring kingdom her life changes from being a servant to one of royalty. The book reveals how easily abuse of women, children and even men can be overlooked, ignored or even officially condoned as Marriah finds the courage to put a stop to such abuse not only in her own kingdom, but in other kingdoms. 

The story has twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The book draws you into the story and tugs at your heartstrings as Marriah and the others become more than mere characters in a book, but a part of your life. 

About the Author
V.J.O. Gardner was a voracious reader as a child and in college took Fantasy Lit and writing
classes. After years of writing as a creative outlet, she began publishing her medieval fantasy novels beginning with Blood of Ancient Kings. She enjoys doing book signings at renaissance fairs in costume and even at local book stores in Utah. For more information on her novels and contact information visit

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