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Review ~ Touching The Boss (Billionaires In The City Book 5) by Mallory Crowe

Touching The Boss (Billionaires In The City Book 5)eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: September 10th 2015

Publisher: Sprinter's Press

He's tall. 
He's sexy. 
He's a criminal. 
And he's her boss. 

Lacking enough evidence to go the police and not enough money in her bank account to quit on a moral basis, Lori Briggs is stuck, and it's quite clear that her boss, the criminal mastermind, intends to start mixing business with pleasure. 

Michael Devereaux will do anything to protect his family's interests--even if it means posing as a criminal for an undercover FBI operation. He's got to keep Lori close, and his enemies closer. But when the intimacy with Lori deepens, Michael must decide what's more important: his family or his heart?

My Opinion

I think this series has got better with every book that's come out. They're all quick, easy reads with plenty of romance and a hint of suspense, but the later ones are definitely my favourites.

I thought Touching the Boss was one of the better ones in the series. It held my attention well and I enjoyed the elements of suspense with regards to Ken. I thought the plot was entwined well with the romance and I did think there was chemistry between Michael and Lori. I believed in their feelings and Michael's protective desire that turns into more.

The one issue I've had with this series is that the endings always felt rushed. Therefore I always get wary when I hit the 80% mark. However, this one didn't feel that way. I think the main reason for that is things are left open in the plot. I'm hoping and assuming the theme is going to carry over to Luke's book and we'll get a proper resolution then.

The only slight downside to Touching the Boss was it took me a while to remember who everyone was and what had happened previously. These books are the type that are enjoyable in the moment, however they don't really stick with me.

Overall one of the better ones in the series. If you're looking for an easy romance with a hint of suspense you may want to check this out.


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