Monday, 19 January 2015

Review ~ As Red as Blood (Lumikki Andersson #1) by Salla Simukka

As Red as Bloodebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: August 1st 2014

Publisher: Amazon Skyscape

In the midst of the freezing Arctic winter, seventeen-year-old Lumikki Andersson walks into her school’s dark room and finds a stash of wet, crimson-colored money. Thousands of Euros left to dry—splattered with someone’s blood.

Lumikki lives alone in a studio apartment far from her parents and the past she left behind. She transferred into a prestigious art school, and she’s singularly focused on studying and graduating. Lumikki ignores the cliques, the gossip, and the parties held by the school’s most popular and beautiful boys and girls.

But finding the blood-stained money changes everything. Suddenly, Lumikki is swept into a whirlpool of events as she finds herself helping to trace the origins of the money. Events turn even more deadly when evidence points to dirty cops and a notorious drug kingpin best known for the brutality with which he runs his business.

As Lumikki loses control of her carefully constructed world, she discovers that she’s been blind to the forces swirling around her—and she’s running out of time to set them right. When she sees the stark red of blood on snow, it may be too late to save her friends or herself.

My Opinion

This was an interesting read. I love dark novels set in the snow, and especially in foreign countries. I also enjoy it when fairytale twists are involved. In fact when I saw the title and description of this book it reminded of Marcus Sedgwick's Blood Red Snow White, which I think is what intrigued me.

As Red As Blood had me hooked from the start and it only took me a few hours to finish. Overall it was a good read. I enjoyed the story and pacing, it was fast-pace but written well so that things were clear and easy to follow. In general I liked the idea, yet I can't help but feel it could have been executed a lot better.

The main issue I had was everything was so predictable. Also the reveal came way to early and therefore I found my attention straying towards the end because it was obvious what was going on. I think the author could have added a lot more layers to the plot to cover things better.

Similarly the ending seemed too rushed. This was the only part of the book that felt badly paced. I don't get how things went down and it isn't properly explained which was a shame as I would have liked to see that.

Moreover, whilst Lumikki was an interesting lead, I never felt like I really got to know her--or any of the characters for that matter. I enjoyed reading the sections about her tailing people and she was clearly clued up and smart, but I didn't get much in terms of personality. Elisa had more of a personality but little back story. I just felt there was a lot more potential.

Overall, whilst it did have issues, I liked the book overall. I will most probably read the next book and if you like books involving the criminal underworld it might be for you.


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