Friday, 28 March 2014

Review ~ Falling for her Fake Boyfriend (Falling for her Fake Boyfriend #1) by Ann King

Falling for her Fake Boyfriend (Falling for her Fake Boyfriend, #1)

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As if life isn’t complicated enough for Holly Jackson. Firstly, she’s struggling to finish college on limited funds, then her former guardian and aunt is calling her bluff on having a boyfriend—since in her aunt’s opinion, single girls are single because something is wrong with them. The question is will her swoon-worthy, sinfully sexy neighbor, Ethan, agree to be her man for a day? Or forever?

My Opinion 

This was a short, sweet read. It's written at a fast pace, that was at times a little choppy, but it was a good way to break up my time. It needed a bit more detail though and maybe a few changes to the word "God". It felt like that was repeated nearly every time a character spoke.

For a freebie it was OK, there's not a lot you can say about this many pages. I would have liked it to be longer rather than in parts as seemed interesting but I'm not paying for 22 page books in a series.

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