Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Guest Post Giveaway ~ Chick Lit Debutantes

In the near future, I am going to be reviewing Jennifer Robert's After Wimbledon so I am pleased to help her out with this guest post on all of the authors featured in the giveaway she is a part of.

*Giveaway is not run by me*

Chick Lit Debutantes: New Authors to Watch by Jennifer Roberts

Everybody who likes chick lit knows about Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes, but there are plenty of brilliant authors coming through.  Most people don't know about them yet, because they only have one book out so far.  But those books are brilliant! 
Here are six names you should get to know:

Conditional LoveCathy Bramley
"Cathy Bramley is a wonderful debut author. This was a book I could not put down: the plot and the characters were incredibly compelling. Unlike other fiction that I often dash through to find out what happens, I took my time, digesting the prose. I enjoyed the story's workmanship as much as the story itself."
-- Britta Jenson, Amazon

"A sweet and truly funny romance with a refreshingly relatable heroine, vivid characters and a great big heart. Just the book to spend a happy evening with. Hope to meet everyone again in a sequel and soon. Highly recommended."
-- Nicky, Amazon

Saving Saffron SweetingPauline Wiles
"A warm, witty, totally engaging story by a very talented new author. While reading Saving Saffron Sweeting I kept having to remind myself I was reading a debut - Wiles' writing is just as accomplished as many of the big names in chick lit at the moment (in some cases, more so)."
-- Joanne Phillips, Amazon
Quarter finalist, 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Hard Hats and DoormatsLaura Chapman
"Fans of Laura’s blog, Change the Word, are going to be so happy with almost 300 pages of her fiction. While this is Chapman’s d├ębut novel, she writes like a seasoned professional delivering tight dialogue and spunky interior monologues."
-- Julie Valerie's Book Blog

Thirty-Two Going on SpinsterBecky Monson
"This is the funniest novel I have read in a very long time. Becky Monson is so incredibly talented and right up there with author Jen Lancaster and others of her type. I cannot say enough good things about this novel but if you love chick lit like I do, this novel is a must read. I promise you laughs at every page and I cannot wait for her sequel to be published."
-- Connie K. Fischer, Amazon

Dangled Carat: one girl's attempt to convert the ultimate commitment-phobic man into a doting husband with a lot of help from his family and friends
Hilary Grossman
"A memoir can be a tricky thing to write but in this case it has been done with skill and style. The dialogue flows and the reader feels a part of each and every interaction. Situations that are written about on pages come to life in the reader's mind. The author definitely has a gift for bringing her words to life."
-- B.A. Chiles, Amazon

You can win all these books and more in the Chick Lit Ebook Giveaway, 1-14 March 2014.

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