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Review ~ The Angelites - Turning Point by Richard Moran

The Angelites - Turning Pointebook downloaded on Amazon free day after being told by the author

Release Date: November 12th 2013

The original story states that Gina Vasquez overcame a ten-year obstacle before starting her divine journey to save the world as an angelic warrior, an Angelite. She was a strong-willed woman with a goal and a purpose, to serve true justice for hardworking citizens like herself and her family. This story will show the tragic event that caused Gina’s happy life to spiral out of control. Five years ago she was just a police academy rookie, daringly rescuing teens from a near-fatal car crash. Five years from now Gina will become depressed, alone and miles away from her family. Why? How did she turn from a promising officer to a spiritless sheriff? Where was the turning point? For those who have read the book - this story will bridge the gap between the Syracuse mountains rescue and the firefight with the evil cult, The Spawns of Satan.For those who haven’t read the book - take a glimpse of Gina at her weakest state, dealing with challenges that she thought she would never encounter. Witness the diversity that prevented her from becoming the divine superhero she was meant to be.

My Opinion

After rating the first book in this series four stars last year, I was interested to read a short story taken from a section of Gina's life to see what had made her into the character she was in The Angelites. I didn't really know what to expect going in or what part of her life it was going to be about when I started reading but I found that a lot of the story from book one came back to me as I  continued reading.

Because this is only a short story I'm not going to say too much. I would recommend reading Angelites before you pick up Turning point as it will make a lot more sense then. However, if you've read book one, Turning point is a nice addition to the story. It flows well, and I liked the background detail of how Gina got to that moment in her life and what made her make the decisions she had. It was a very quick read and if you like The Angelites, you may want to check this out.

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