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Review ~ Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts #3) by Cassia Leo

Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts, #3)eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: 19th December 2013

Publisher: Random House UK, Transworld

Sometimes letting someone go is the ultimate act of love.

Claire Nixon is a college student with a past full of secrets and heartbreak. She was saved once by her first love, and rock star, Chris Knight. But when she encouraged Chris to leave town to pursue his dreams, both Claire and Chris didn’t realize it would be the biggest mistake of their lives.

After a devastating year apart and thousands of miles of distance between them, Claire met sexy surfer Adam Parker. With his awful jokes and profound patience, he helped Claire pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart for the second time.

But now Chris has returned and he is willing and determined to make Claire’s dreams come true—the same way she did for him when she let him go.

With Adam’s former girlfriend in the picture, Claire finds herself torn between the new, passionate love she shares with Adam and the love and family she shares with Chris.

My Opinion

Once again, as soon as I finished reading Piece of You, immediately, I started reading Bring Me Home. The cliffhanger from Pieces of You would have been unbearable had I not had Bring Me Home to start straight away and I was eager to find out how the author was going to end what had been a great series so far. 

In some ways, Bring Me Home lived up to my expectations and in others it did not. This was definitely the book I didn't like the most out of the series but don't take that the wrong way, I still loved it, even if I had a few problems.

I'm struggling to find new things to say about this book that I haven't written in my last two reviews. Bring Me Home had all of the qualities I like and even more trouble and problems added to the narrative. It was just as engaging and like with the other books I couldn't put it down. I really don't want to say too much about the story as I don't want to ruin the first two books for you but I will say that everything is rounded off nicely. Even if I dislike Claire's choice, there is a sense of finality, a happily ever after and all the loose ends are tied up well. The series ended on a good note that resolves all the drama and I was glad about that.

There were quite a few sweet moments in this book that made my heart melt and this both annoyed me and made me fall in love with the story. It annoyed me because I wanted to hate Chris but after everything he does I just could help but fall in love with him too and find myself disliking Adam. It is very rare that my loyalties to a guy in a book change so it was a surprise and I think a big achievement that the author can draw those kind of emotions out of a reader.

Bring Me Home was the longest of the three books and definitely has the most crammed in, with regards to the plot. There were a total of five points of view in this book - a few too many I think -  as Lindsey and Jackie were added in a couple of times. However, I was thankful that the author didn't develop their story too much as that would have been too confusing. I didn't feel it was necessary to get their points of view because they weren't that vital. Beside that the only other complaint I have is that at one point everyone seems to be having babies! I was reading and kept thinking, 'really again!' This is only a minor quibble though as the narrative is good enough that you can put it to the back of your mind.

Overall, Bring Me Home was a great conclusion to the series. It rounds everything off nicely and although I would have preferred a different ending to the one I got, it still worked. I really need to buy these books in paperback now!


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