Monday, 20 January 2014

Review ~ Ghost Unbroken by Annie McLeod

Ghost Unbroken
ebook purchased on an Amazon free day by myself

Release Date: October 21st 2013



Her future is set, her life mapped out, but one unexpected meeting turns her carefully laid plans upside down. (This is the complete version of the free short story published under the title "Ghost.")

My Opinion
It was the beautiful cover that attracted me into downloading this when I saw it on the Amazon Kindle free list. I needed some short, quick reads to break up my own editing and this book fit the description perfectly.

Ghost Unbroken was a very short, fast-pace read that has a lot crammed into the small amount of pages. It flows by quickly and overall a sweet story with some darker secrets.

Although its short, I liked Sophie and her determination to be better and have better, not only for herself but also for Bethany. It was believable and although the issues are not described in detail you get enough so as not to b confused. As well as this, the slight paranormal aspect was good. I did feel it was an easy way of keeping the book short as John always seemed to appear and come up with the right answers so I'm not sure if it was really needed but I think in the end I liked John too much to say he should have been cut.

The one issue I had with this novella was that it covers a big period of time and I found when the moments came for it to fast forward I was left a bit confused as to how far ahead I was in the characters' lives. Most novellas I read focus on about a week or a few days, not a few years and although it allowed the author to cram in a bit more history and drama I did feel it should have occurred over a shorter time span or the time switches should have been made clearer. I think this might have been down to the fact this is three short stories but into one novella.

Overall Ghost Unbroken is a quick easy read that you just fly through. It was a good break from my own work.


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