Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review ~ One Kiss by Lisa Fox

One Kiss
ebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: 2nd January 2014

Publisher: HarperImpulse


Sometimes one kiss can change everything.
New Year's Eve is supposed to be a night for celebration and new beginnings. For best friends Kat and Dean, it is a nightmare filled with disastrous dates and enraged ex-girlfriends!

Lucky for them, they've got each other to help laugh off the embarrassing, and downright inappropriate, moments. But then midnight rolls around and neither of them have anyone to kiss…

There's no doubt this is a night they will always remember.

The real question is whether it will be a night they want to forget…

My Opinion

I'm so glad that I have been auto-approved on NetGalley for HarperImpulse as it meant I could start reading this novella straight away. However, I made the mistake of starting it at 1:00am while lying in bed and then couldn't put it down. I told myself I'd only read a couple of chapters, and because this novella is only 74 pages, it turned out that I had read 50% of the book already by that point. I didn't see the point in stopping then - I didn't want to either - so within another hour I had finished the entire thing and was so not ready to sleep. 

Anyway, One Kiss was everything I have come to expect from HarperImpulse authors. It was short, sweet and engaging. It had moments of heartbreak and comedy and One Kiss was one of those books that made you love the characters instantly. As soon as Dean called Kat I believed in their friendship and relationship with one another. I loved the playful teasing that quickly grew more intense and I think the author did a brilliant job of crafting the characters and developing the emotions the entire way through. I can't find anything bad to say about either one of them and for once I liked that they didn't have much of a background. For me this made the book very in the moment and it meant I could get swept up in the romance rather than burdened by their history.

As well as this, the book was written well and flowed effortlessly. It is written over a short period of time and I didn't even realise how much I had read until it was over. Although I can't fault the ending as it has everything you wish and hope for in a novella this size and everything that happened before that was crafted well, I was enjoying the story and author's style so much that I wish there was more of it - even though I don't think the story needed it (yes I'm aware that probably doesn't make sense).

I liked how the romance developed from a friendship and the build up and little twist was a nice addition. Once again, it made me believe the character's stories. Dean was sweet, funny and although described as hot, I couldn't help but see him as more of a cute guy because of his values and desires for the future. 

Overall One Kiss, had me staying up way later than I should have been (I've done nothing but this review today because I've been tired) but it was worth it. The story made me laugh, smile and I was truly engaged in the plot line. I will be looking out for other works by this author.


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