Saturday, 23 February 2013

Devil's Due - Rachel Caine

Devil's Due (Red Letter Days, #2)eARC provided through netgalley for an honest review


The psychic world will never be the same again...

Lucia Garza is trapped in a supernatural power struggle. To save a friend she adreed to work for sinister psychic organisation The Cross Society. But after a death threat that almost succeeds, she's starting to think they want her out of the way. Forever.

Worse, as Lucia uncovers the society's most dangerous secrets, she discovers that she's being used as a pawn between two warring paranormal factions. Caught in a battle no-one can win, Lucia's only choice could be to go against long told prophecy to destroy both the Cross Socitey and its sworn enemies. But what are the consequences of defying destiny?

My Opinion

In terms of action and pace this book definitely lived up to the first installment Devil's Bargain. As the plot moved on the narrative got increasingly darker with the paranormal element coming into play more, which I loved. It kept me in constant suspense of what was going to unfold next or what Jazz and Lucia were going to be forced to do.

I liked the initial idea of everyone being played by the two companies and the fact that certain people's choices have more of an effect on the world.  As well as this the explanation behind the paranormal aspect controlling everything was kept brief and simple so I found the book easy to understand.  I really enjoyed the darker path the book took and the action was described brilliantly.

The only thing I wasn't so keen in with this book was the fact that throughout both novels we are told that Lucia has big secrets that would mean death if revealed and that she is dangerous and well connected from her former jobs. However besides a few shootings and fights there is anything that immediately made me think she was dangerous and been through a lot. Also I never found out what her big secrets were, the book kind of hints that they are going to be revealed but in the end leaves you hanging and left me a bit dissatisfied as it was written from her POV.

Overall this book was a fast paced, dark and engaging read that I had trouble putting down. For me it wasn't as good as Devil's Bargain but it's definitely worth a read.

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