Sunday, 10 February 2013

Deception (The Transformed #1) by Stacy Claflin

Deception (The Transformed, #1)Description
Alexis is not the average person because she's exceptionally brilliant. When mysterious things start happening to her, she pursues the truth and learns is that she's been lied to her entire life. She runs into deception at every turn.

What she finds on her own terrifies her and she questions whether she really wants to know the truth about herself...

Until she meets a stranger and they experience an instant connection. She feels that she's known him her entire life, but she has never seen him before. At their first meeting, he knows more about her than she knows about herself. She begins to seek the truth about herself again and what she discovers turns her world completely upside down.

Everything that she believed to be false is suddenly her new reality

My Opinion
It took me awhile to get to this book as I have had a lot going on but once I started it I found it hard to tear myself away from it. The story started off hinting at Alexis's strange powers, highlighting her difference and this instantly intrigued me as to what she was. 

As the book went on her powers and the mystery built and I really didn't see what she really was coming. It was a big shock. At first when this information was discovered I didn't know how Claflin would develop the plot and I was worried about how the book would continue. However I needn't have. The story remained unique and original even when the genre wasn't. The difference in plot separated this book from others a like it and it was refreshing to read.

I loved the romance between Tanner and Alexis more than with Cliff as it didn't have so many of the cliches in it. It seemed more natural and easier to fall in love with them both. That didn't mean I disliked Cliff, just at times the romance was a bit to cheesy for my tastes. Saying that I still wanted Alexis to end up with him in the end though.

There were minor issues with the editing, just a few missed words here and there which caused me to re-read the sentences a few time to make sure it wasn't me but it didn't really detract. The only major thing I can say bad about this book is the ending! I was watching the page count going down thinking "how is this book going to end so quickly during the middle of this dramatic part?" Well it ends abruptly on a huge cliff hanger. It did leave me feeling slightly dissatisfied as there wasn't much resolution or a defined break but it does leave you wanting more and I definitely want to read the sequel.

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