Friday, 3 July 2015

Review ~ Random Acts of Crazy (Random #1) by Julia Kent

Random Acts of Crazy (Random, #1)ebook downloaded for free via Amazon

Release Date: March 2013

Publisher: Self-published

I never intended to pick up a naked hitchhiker wearing nothing but a guitar. A guitar. Really. I don't collect guys like that (don't ask what kind of guys I do collect), but when you spot a blonde, tanned, sculpted man with a gorgeous smile and his thumb poking up and practically begging you to stop – you stop.

And I definitely never thought I'd be staring into the bright blue eyes of Trevor Connor, the lead singer for Random Acts of Crazy, an indie rock star I followed like the slobbering fileshare fangirl I am. How he came to be nude and lost six hundred miles from home is quite the tale, but how we fell in love is even more unreal.

Because someone like Trevor Connor, headed to Harvard Law next year, isn't supposed to want someone like me, a rural Ohio chick majoring in Boredom at Convenience Store University who is all curves and frizzy blonde hair and manners so unpolished they have sharp edges that make you bleed.

But he did.

When his best friend, Joe Ross, the bass player for Random Acts of Crazy and a man who makes Calvin Klein models look like Shrek, drove eleven hours through the night to rescue him, though, it got real complicated. It's one thing to like two different guys and be torn.

What do you do, though, when maybe – just maybe – you don't have to choose?

As my Aunt Josie says sometimes, "It's always complicated."

My Opinion

Yeah ... I don't know what I just read ... 

This book started off well--cute, naked hitch hiker needing a ride. It looked like it was going to be a comical, sweet read. However, all of that was ruined from the moment Darla took Trevor home, and then it just got worse and worse.

I'm not going to go into too much detail, but there is no story to this book. It's all about sex. There are no feelings, no romance, and I didn't find it funny. I really have no idea why I kept reading. I guess I hoped that the meaning behind the book would become clear. However, it never really did. By the time I realised that, I'd spent so long with it I decided to read to the end and boy I wish I hadn't.

Seriously?! A threesome? Where the hell did that come from? There was little to no chemistry between the characters and it really missed the mark for me.

Overall this is one I should have DNF. It got worse as it went on and I wish the author had added in more detail what 'mature content' means in regards to the last 20% of this book. I'm no prude, but I like to be warned about certain sexual scenes that vary from the norm because had I known it would end this way I probably would have avoided it. 


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