Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review ~ 3:AM Kisses (3:AM Kisses, #1) by Addison Moore

3:AM Kisses (3:AM Kisses, #1)ebook downloaded for free via Amazon

Release Date: September 13th 2013

Publisher: Self-published

Baya Brighton is looking forward to her first year at Whitney Briggs University, new friends, dorm life, and finally being close to her brother again. Love is the last thing on the list, but when Baya meets her brother’s roommate she begins to have thoughts and feelings that make even her blush. 

Bryson Edwards has a secret he prefers buried in the past and long forgotten. He prefers loose girls, fast cars, and long nights working at the string of bars his family owns. When his roommate’s sister shows up on the scene, she’s far too innocent and sweet for him but he can’t shake Baya out of his mind and worse, it looks like she’s seeping into his heart as well. 

Baya seems determined to show her brother she’s not a little kid and equally determined to use Bryson’s body to prove her point. It’s been made pretty clear that Baya is off limits to Bryson but their undeniable sparks explode into a whole lot more than just a few 3:AM KISSES.

My Opinion

This was a sweet read with a few darker twists at the end. Despite its faults something about it kept me intrigued and reading on. It also may have persuaded me to buy the next one.

This is your typical girl-falls-for-her-brother's-friend romance. It was enjoyable and the plot kept me hooked. I found it to be paced well and there were some 'aww' moments as well as others that made me smile. For the most part it was a cute read. There were some secrets, but they're not really a major part until the end. Things didn't go too deep making this an easy read.

The only major thing that stopped me rating this book higher was Baya's narrations and inner thoughts. At times she felt so immature. I know she's inexperienced and a virgin, but seriously? Some of the stuff she came out with was strange. I also didn't fall in love with her sense of humour. It may work for others, but it felt childish to me.

Other than that, I did the chemistry to be ruined by some of the description during intimate moments. Once again Baya's thoughts would interrupt things, or the way the author would describe things would make me cringe and ruin the moment.

Overall though it was an easy read with a few twists. I'm hoping Cole's book is next and if it is I may be persuaded to buy it.


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