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Review ~ The Trouble with Flirting (The Trouble Series #2) by Rachel Morgan

The Trouble with Flirting (The Trouble Series, #2)

ebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: September 2014

Labelled a nerd for most of high school, Livi sees her first year of university as a chance to redefine herself. She can finally enter the popular crowd and maybe even land herself a super hot boyfriend. But Livi’s about to discover that the price of popularity may be more than she’s willing to pay, and that what—and who—she wants most has always been right in front of her.

My Opinion

After being contacted by the author earlier this year to read The Trouble With Flying, when I saw this book up on NetGalley I was excited to read it. I will admit that I don't think it was as good as the previous book, but it was still an enjoyable read.

The Trouble With Flirting didn't really hook me to start with and it was only the fact that I've read an enjoyed this author's previous work that kept me reading. I hoped it was going to get better so I gave it a chance. I thought the start was slow and prolonged for an unnecessary amount of time, with not much happening besides the usual teenage drama. There were also some story lines that I felt were underdeveloped and got lost throughout the middle and end of the book (eg. Livi's dad's issue and Andrea) after being introduced early on. I never felt these strand were tied up properly.

Similarly, the book also felt a bit disjointed, and I don't think I ever fully warmed up to Livi, she came across as quite shallow and self-obsessed--especially at the start.

However, the romance was sweet and cute--if not a bit predictable. This author keeps things clean in her books, which gives way for some cute and funny lines (I enjoyed the cooking scene) that put a smile on your face as the characters talk rather than make out every second their together. I liked the friends relationship between Adam and Livi, I just wanted them to get together quicker as it all felt a bit rushed at the end.

Saying that though, there was a noticeable growth within Livi and her attitude. She did become more likable towards the end and she was someone you routed for. Mostly though I liked Adam more. He was sweet, and easily embarrassed so because of that it gave him an adorable quality. For me he was the best part of the book.

Overall, whilst I think I enjoyed The Trouble With Flying a lot more, this was still an enjoyable read. It takes a while to get going and there was slightly too much teenage drama, but I like the author's sweet style of writing and will be looking out for more of her books.


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  1. Lovely review! I'm def checking out this read now - glad I found your blog :) Hope you stop by & check out mine? xD keep in touch!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections
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