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Review ~ On the Naughty List by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Sugar Jamison, Beth Ciotta

On the Naughty ListeARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: October 14th 2014

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Lori Foster has two co-workers plan a Christmas party side-by-side-and discover a love worth celebrating in Christmas Bonus

Carly Phillips explores a "mistletoe moment" when a no-nonsense lawyer intent on seducing her boss meets his twin instead--and gives him a scintillating kiss that leaves him begging for more inNaughty Under the Mistletoe.

In Sugar Jamison’s Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas, former wild child Dina Gregory returns home to New York to find the father of her young son. Instead, she finds his stuffy older brother, Ben. Ben can’t help but admire her tenacity—and her bold beauty. Could it be that Dina has reignited his Christmas spirit?

Beth Ciotta brings two friends who, after years apart, together at home for the holidays. They don’t seem to have much in common anymore, but when the two get stranded together during a blizzard, they are forced to reexamine if they are better off as "just friends"? Or could it be that true love was there all along? in Some Kind of Wonderful.

My Opinion

This was a great Christmas collection. All of the novellas are easy, feel-good reads that keep a smile on your face and would be perfect for a winter read in front of the fireplace. I think the last two were my favourite, which surprised me after reading a few reviews and the, blurbs, but all in all, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to stock up on Christmas reads for December.

Here's what I thought about the individual books:

Christmas Bonus - Lori Foster

This was a quick, fun, flirty read that had a bit of humour and a Christmassy feeling. I've read a few of Lori Foster's books and this novella was a sweet, feel good read that keeps a smile on your face. Whilst I would have loved for it to be longer, it was still an enjoyable read. The characters were likable and things moved along at a good pace.


Naught Under the Mistletoe by Carly Phillips

This was another quick, easy read that was a feel-good, Christmas story. I liked the overall concept and for a novella it was satisfying, however I felt that the characters declared their love too quickly. Still, it was a flirty read that makes you smile.


Some Kind of Wonderful - Beth Ciotta

I really liked this read. It had a bit more tension and wasn't as lighthearted as the previous novella. It also felt more like  Christmas while reading it, and I thought the relationships within the family were great. I liked the progression as Maya worked her way into Zach's heart and how they came to realise what had happened with the letter. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the ending and Zach's dreams. It felt a little random to me. Anyway, still and other enjoyable read.


Have yourself a Curvy Christmas - Sugar Jamison

I didn't think I'd enjoy this read when I saw the title. However, it was surprisingly sweet and endearing. Although falling for your baby's farther's brother was a little weird to start with, you can't help but love Ben. He was kind, caring, and full of love. Of course he has his problems from the past but he was warm and welcoming instantly. As well as this it was clear to see Dina brought the best out in him. This read keeps a smile on your face and tugs at your heart. It's a feel good read and a perfect way to finish what has been an enjoyable collection.


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