Monday, 20 October 2014

ARC Review ~ The Perfect Gift by Dani-Lyn Alexander

The Perfect GifteARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: November 17th 2014

Publisher: Pocket Star (Simon & Schuster)

It’s the season of second chances in this heartwarming, contemporary holiday romance where two single parents find each other—and another chance at love—in the most unexpected of places!

’Tis the night before Christmas…and businessman and single father Jason is scrambling to find the dollhouse of the season for his seven-year-old daughter Emily. But when he finally strikes gold at an obscure toy store, he’s met with resistance—literally, as a beautiful woman named Leah is grabbing onto the dollhouse box from the other side of the aisle, determined to get the same Christmas present for her own daughter.

Desperate not to let the other win, Jason and Leah forge a pact: stay together until they find the same dollhouse at a different toy store. It sounds simple, but ten stores and many hours later, they still come up empty. They might not be finding another dollhouse, but they sure are finding a lot to talk about and, as their mutual attraction grows, the unlikely pair finds the greatest holiday gift of all—love.

My Opinion

I'm not really a fan of books about parents, but this book had a Christmas theme so I thought what the heck and requested it. I was initially saving it until December, but I needed something to lift my mood and what does that better than a Christmas romance? I've read other work by this author as well and, having enjoyed it, I couldn't wait to read it.

The Perfect Gift was a great Christmas read and one I'll have to read again in December. It was sweet, fluffy, cute, and heart-warming. I liked the characters and thought the way they connected and grew together was believable. There was no heavy drama in this novella, it was just a feel-good read bout two parents who both wanted to please their children. It was also a clean romance that finished on a HFN. Both characters clearly had a strong relationship with their child and I liked the overall concept of finding the dollhouse together. Of course, the ending is predictable, and there aren't an surprises in the book, but that's not really what I look for in these types of reads.

Overall, it was an easy, quick read that put a smile on my face and wouldn't let me put it down. It was an endearing, heart-warming read that would be a perfect fire-side read.

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  1. This reminds me of the film which starts with two strangers who try to buy the same pair of gloves in a department one Christmas - was it Serendipity? I was born on Christmas Eve so like to read any feel good story set on that day. I might just give it a try!


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