Saturday, 25 October 2014

Review ~ Mistaken (Mistaken #1) by Renna Peak

Mistaken (Mistaken, #1)ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: April 2014

The first episode of The MISTAKEN Series

a New Adult Romantic Suspense novella ~ about 100 pages

Jenna Davis has tortured herself over the death of her fiance. She's moved to a new city to escape not only the memories, but the shadow of her father, the senator. By meeting Brandon Richardson and succumbing to her desires, she takes a giant step forward in healing her grief-stricken heart. But Brandon has secrets that threaten to destroy her. 

Recommended for adult audiences. 

This is part one of a multi-part romantic suspense serial, and ends with a cliffhanger. The serial unfolds over six episodes of approximately 100 pages each. Parts one through six (the complete first season) are available now.

My Opinion

I really enjoyed this novella, and it surprised me. It had a good story line, and there are some secrets that keep you reading--especially the ending, which was just mean! Whilst everything isn't answered, I'm sure it will be at some point in the series. Mistaken is quite a tame read, which was a surprise as I was expecting more in the romance department, but Brandon seemed like a nice guy. For a freebie this was an enjoyable read and I'm glad I got the second book too. The only criticism I have is that the writing is quite repetitive. I felt the author needed to mix things up a lot more, especially the start of sentences that seemed to always start with a pronoun. 

Overall though, this was a good read. I'm not sure if I can bring myself to pay for all the books in the series (as there's a lot), despite wanting to find out how things unfold, but I'll definitely read book 2.


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