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Review ~ Meet Me in the Dark (Demons of Dreams Saga, #1) - Lilly M. Love

ebook downloaded on an Amazon free day after hosting a spotlight for the book. 

The first in the Demons of Dreams Saga.
Did you sleep well last night? Did you dream? Have you met someone in your dream? Whether it was pleasant or not, it was just a dream ... wasn’t it?
Are you sure?

What if you think you're dreaming, but you‘re not?
What if suddenly a handsome stranger shows up in your dreams and you fall in love with him?
What if you wake up in the morning and your body is covered with scratches that you cannot explain?
What if not only you begin to question your mind?

They come at night, sneak into your dreams and if they want, also into your life! They are the demons of dreams and no one is safe from them...
Did you really just have a dream last night?

Leia Walsh is a young woman, successful in her job selling high-priced properties to New York’s wealthy. Against her good judgment she falls in love with a man who appears regularly in her dreams. Leia doesn’t believe that he is a product of her imagination, but is convinced that he exists. She starts to look for him in her daily life, but the game of the demons of dreams can be confusing and Leia soon doubts her sanity until she is invited to a party one day...was it just a dream after all?

My Opinion 
The description of this book hooked me into accepting it as the idea of dreams interests me, I mean I have enough crazy dreams of my own but the concept of it being translated into a book as the main idea was new to me. The idea of the demons of dreams intrigued me and I was excited to find out what this novel was about. For me though this book didn't live up to what I expected it to be sadly, and I found it quite a struggle to read. I like the initial idea and I think with some editing and re-drafting it could become a really engaging and exciting read but personally, I don't think it's quite there yet. 

The main problem I had with Meet Me in the Dark was the transitions between Leia's dreams and her reality. The changes were quite abrupt and besides a line break nothing really distinguished it from the previous scene. Because of this the writing felt very choppy and hard to read as it became confusing as to which world Leia was in. I think I would have preferred the dreams to be in italics as for me it signals a change and allows me to distinguish it easily, especially if it is not clear the character has fallen asleep. 

As well as this, the choppy style of writing that jumped from place to place made it a struggle for me to connect with any of the characters. There were a few moments where I sympathised with Leia because of her situation but most of the time I felt very detached as I was constantly thrown about in the story. Also, with regards to the males in the novel we never really learn much about them except for the same facts; one runs the business, another is married and they are all incredibly good looking. We only started to learn what they are towards the end of the novel and by then it was slightly too late for me as it didn't give many answers in the short amount of space and just as the book started to pick up it ended. I would have loved to learn little bits about them as the book went on rather than getting it all at the end, although I am still slightly confused as to what they were now.

My final problem with this book is once again related to the characters. Some of their actions or reactions just didn't seem believable or plausible to me, for example Leia never really seemed to freak out when things happened in her dreams. I mean if someone threatened me or did what they did to her I would be scared out of my mind but Leia just seemed to accept it without any emotion. Also there were a few plot holes that let the structure of the story down and I found myself asking "well why didn't she do that instead, isn't it obvious?" It just wasn't very solid in structure and the characters were not continuous throughout which I think may have been added to by the constant and abrupt switching of setting.  

Overall I think this book has the potential to become a very intriguing story however as it stands right now for me it feels underdeveloped and lacking in completion. The initial concept was great but the choppy and jumpy style distracted me too much to get immersed in the characters and world. I'm sorry to say I just couldn't connect with this book no matter how much I wished I could.

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