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Book Spotlight - Jesse James and the Dragon's Egg by W. Edward Woodward III

Jesse James and the Dragon's EggJesse James and the Dragon's Egg


Jesse James and the Dragon's Egg! Feast your mind on the thrilling adventures of young Jesse James as he and his friends plunge headlong into peril! See the horrible Shaddach! Read on, aghast as these living dead creatures hunt our heroes mercilessly! Fear the vile Arthur King! See this madman destroy everything that is dear to our noble young heroes! Thrill to daring escapes and feats of bravery never before seen by man! Watch as these brave children face death and danger where even adults fear to tread! Beware Jesse James, for evil walks among us!"

Jesse James is an adventure story but at its heart it's about the stupid things that you'll do for your family and friends. Jesse and his friends lead pretty average, pretty boring lives, that is until they discover a dragon's egg. With that discovery, and the loss of one of his best friends Jesse is thrust into a world that he never knew existed. Chased by an insane billionaire, Jesse and his friends are thrown across worlds, shunned by the very people meant to protect them, and in the end sold out by one of their own. Facing the ultimate evil Jesse finds he must choose between saving his friends and saving his family.

Heavily influenced by the pulp novels of the 30's and 40's and the adventure movies of the 80' and 90's, Jesse James and the Dragon's Egg is a rip roaring adventure, guaranteed to thrill and appease the child... and eighties freak, in everyone!

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About the Author
Author W. Edward Woodward III has taken a fairly meandering path to creativity. Along the way has tried on many shoes. Retail worker, truck driver, service technician, oil painter, illustrator, commercial artist. Finally, putting on the writing shoes seemed to fit best. Still employed as a service technician, Jesse James and the Dragon's Egg was written mostly on lunch breaks, in shopping malls, and really anywhere an when he could squeeze in a pen.

Born and raised on a farm in Havana Fl, Edward has always had a creative bent, as his meandering path shows and his first exposure to Dr. Who and anime sealed his love of of genre work. A love of comic books and the fantastic artistic stylings of such greats as George Perez and Art Adams lead him to believe that he was destined to be a comic book artist. He had a reasonable eye and a knack for picking up skills that allowed him to believe that for many years. His love of anime would soon lead him away from comics and into the idea that his true destiny lay in animation. Alas, it was not to be. He simply lacked the passion for the pencil that was necessary to pursue such a career. This was a heartbreaking realization for him. Some years went by as Edward wandered through life, trying to find his place. He was heartbroken but there remained a fire in his belly, an ember, a need to create that would just not be squelched. He had many ideas from his years of wanting to work in comics, ideas that refused to die, so one day, in an act of near desperation he put one to paper. Jesse James and his pet dragon were born.

Edward still lives very near Havana, in Tallahassee, with his family and a small circle of friends.

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