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Review ~ Fragments (Partials Sequence #2) - Dan Wells

Fragments (Partials, #2)ARC received in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley

Released: March 28th 2013
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books


Kira Walker has found the cure for RM, but the battle for the survival of humans and Partials is just beginning. Kira has left East Meadow in a desperate search for clues to who she is. That the Partials themselves hold the cure for RM in their blood cannot be a coincidence—it must be part of a larger plan, a plan that involves Kira, a plan that could save both races. Her companions are Afa Demoux, an unhinged drifter and former employee of ParaGen, and Samm and Heron, the Partials who betrayed her and saved her life, the only ones who know her secret. But can she trust them?

Meanwhile, back on Long Island, what's left of humanity is gearing up for war with the Partials, and Marcus knows his only hope is to delay them until Kira returns. But Kira's journey will take her deep into the overgrown wasteland of postapocalyptic America, and Kira and Marcus both will discover that their greatest enemy may be one they didn't even know existed.

The second installment in the pulse-pounding Partials saga is the story of the eleventh hour of humanity's time on Earth, a journey deep into places unknown to discover the means—and even more important, a reason—for our survival.

My Opinion

I started reading this book as soon as I had finished Partials and I must admit that it took me a lot longer to read than I expected, especially as I was excited after finishing book one. This wasn't because I was busy doing other things but because I found it hard to stick with for more than an hour at a time. I could manage a few chapters but anymore than that in one go and I felt my attention start to wain as parts were just too long.

Despite this though, I felt this book was better than Partials by quite a bit. There was a lot more action involved and it was described brilliantly. I also loved how Kira was developed, she got increasingly stronger and held her own. As well as this there was much more partial involvement which was great as that was one thing I wanted more of when reading Partials. This book was surprisingly unpredictable as well and I didn't see the ending coming.

There were a few things that frustrated me though while reading this book. The first was the way the author left things with Afa, it was so abrupt and there wasn't enough detail to satisfy me at that section. It just seemed like the author didn't know what to do at that point so glossed over it as quickly as possible without much thought. As well as this, Fragments was written from more POV than Partials and this became slightly irritating as it was a bit jumpy. My biggest complaint though was that the author hinted at a romance, however left it until the end to do anything about it and by that point it was too late to do anything which I didn't like.

Overall this was an interesting read that varied in pace, however it was a struggle to read more than a few chapters at a time. I enjoyed the twists and the action was described incredibly so it was easy to visualise however some parts left a lot to be desired for and I would have loved more romance, oh well maybe it will develop in another book as it does leave you on a cliff hanger which has me hooked!

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