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Book Spotlight - Once Upon A Set Of Wheels Part 2: Take It To The Limit by L.M Steel

Once Upon A Set Of Wheels Part 2: Take It To The Limit

Lilly Smith is a happy young girl living with good foster parents in Essex and really starting to come out of her shell as she makes friends, goes to school and even gets a crush on a boy...but someone recognises this little curly redheaded girl. Something in those deep green eyes sparks concern:

Everyone who had ever known Lotus Ogden believes she took her own life after suffering the most terrible of childhoods.

Soon the connection is made and Lilly Smith is heading back to Yorkshire and back to Lotus and the life she led.
There is unfinished business and now Lotus is not a little girl anymore, she’s growing up... into a beautiful, strong, independent and yet vulnerable young woman.

The most terrible, horrific times yet await Lotus, those that are out to hurt her come in force for her ... but she is even more dangerous now, there is no darkness to hide behind, just vengeance!

Genre: Crime

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About the Author

L.M.Steel on paper is a scientist, but since the age of seven when she first had a poem read out on childrens radio, she has had a passion for writing.

Lee was born in 1982 in Rochford, Essex and lived on the outskirts of the village of Canewdon.
At the age of six she moved to West Yorkshire with her parents, elder sister and younger brother, where they owned and ran a dairy farm. Due to the egg crisis of 1991 the farm and business was lost and Lee, with her family, was housed in Sowerby Village, with other ex-farmers, redundant miners and former military families.

It was at Newland Junior School, that Hazel Hellowell first spotted Lee had a talent for creative writing and encourage her poetry, resulting in the local paper publishing her first poem: Weeping Willow at the age of 10.
Moving onto Ryburn Valley High School Lee continued to write, but it wasn't until Year 10, where she took up Expressive Arts, that her teachers, Amanda Glover and Jackie Newman also noted Lee had a talent and desire to write and encouraged her to do so. At 14 her second poem was published in 1996 Heartbreaker.

In 2002 Lee went to Washington DC after being nominated by the International Society of Poetry for the Poet of the Year Award 2002. Although Lee didn't win, she did win a Poet of Merit Award.

Lee graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2011 with a 1st Class Msci Degree with honours in Forensic and Analytical Science.

Lee now lives in Southampton with her partner Alexandra who serves in the Royal Navy, with Lee's Patterdale terrier Cracker

The couple have plans to have a Civil Union in August 2013

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