Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Review ~ Cruel and Beautiful (Cruel & Beautiful, #1) by Terri E. Laine & A.M. Hargrove

Cruel and Beautiful (Cruel & Beautiful, #1)
eBook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: November 12th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance standalone, full-length novel that includes mature content, not suitable for younger readers. (Rated R) 

Cate Forbes , a dedicated college student with a carefully plotted future, doesn’t know the first thing about love. When she accepts a blind date with a rumored tasty piece of eye candy, she thinks she can get by with a night of fun. Cate’s plans quickly unravel when she gets one look at the sexy… 

Drew McKnight. 

The relentless hockey-playing medical resident knows what he wants— a career in Oncology and Cate. Although he’s heard the gorgeous brunette is a little relationship skittish, a single night out isn’t what he has in mind. Determined to have her — in every way possible— he shows her just what a future with him would hold. 

Only life has other plans. The unthinkable happens and everything begins to shatter. Both in too deep, they will have to fight the cruel and hang onto the beautiful.

My Opinion

There's not a lot I can say about this book without giving things away. I'll try, but this may be a short review because of it.

This is the first book I have read by either of these authors. I caught it on Amazon for free and the blurb hooked me. I don't usually read freebies immediately after downloading them, but since I currently have no ARCs I did with this.

The book instantly pulled me in. With its powerful start I knew it was a book that would break me and take my emotions for a ride. Turns out I was right. This book is filled with emotion, love, and pain. The story is beautiful and so is the relationship with Cate and Drew. It felt real and it kept me turning the pages despite knowing I wasn't going to like what happened.

This book would have been a five star for me had it not been for the twists. I won't reveal anything, only say that I'm not sure I was a fan of how things played out due to circumstances. If you read this book--and you should--you'll have a better idea of what I mean.

Overall, this was an emotional read. Although the ending lost me a bit, the majority of it sucked me in a wouldn't let me go.

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