Saturday, 18 March 2017

Review ~ Bad Boyfriend (Eden Hills Book 1) by Julie Kriss

Bad Boyfriend (Eden Hills Book 1)
ebook downloaded via Amazon for free.

Release Date: April 17th 2016

Publisher: Five Doors Creative

No family. No filter. No morals. Meet my boyfriend. 


Everyone knows Dean Madden. He's a bad boy - and my older brother's best friend. The guy you'd never bring home to your parents. His looks are pure sex, and the only fun he knows how to have is the filthy kind. 

I've known him for years. No one in their right mind thinks I should date him. But now I've grown up - and everything has changed. I want him, even if it's just for a little while. Until I can't let him go. 


I'm not that guy - the relationship guy. I'm the one-and-done guy, or so everyone says. But when Holly bets me she can date me for four weeks, I'm not going to say no. She's grown up gorgeous - and now I've got my chance. 

I don't deserve her. It can't get serious. I can't get my feelings involved, because there are things she doesn't know about me. But until it falls to pieces, I can give her the wildest, hottest four weeks of her life....

My Opinion

A short, fun read. Bad Boyfriend was steamy and I believed in the characters and their relationship. Although I wasn't quite sure why Dean was so self-deprecating and why girls never made it passed 3 dates, I liked who he was around Holly. They worked as a couple. At times there could have been a little more story--probably because I was enjoying it. I would have also liked a little more development between Jason and Dean. 

Overall, for something I picked up for free on Amazon it was a good read. It kept me engaged and I'd recommend it. 


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