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Review ~ Still in Love With You by Lexie Davis

Still in Love With You
ebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: November 15th 2016

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


Feisty businesswoman Aubree Manning knew coming back to Prospect, Texas would land her in the middle of drama. Her ex-boyfriend-turned-sheriff, Parker Montgomery, never forgave her for dumping his Camaro into the pond before she left town. Determined to make her pay, Parker arrests her the moment she enters town, but she manages to smooth talk her way out of trouble. However, it soon becomes difficult to suppress her lingering feelings for Parker when she starts spending more and more time with him. 

Parker suffers in silence with anxiety and nightmares due to his dark past. After serving in the army for nearly eight years, he came back to Prospect to start anew. Though he never quite got over Aubree bailing on him the moment she turned eighteen, it seemed so easy picking up where they left off. The past can be forgiven, but the future stands in the balance. She’s only in town for a week and then she’s going to do the very thing she did ten years ago, unless Parker can find some way to convince her to stay.

My Opinion

This book started off strong. It captured my interest instantly with Parker's anger at Aubree from their previous relationship. When she comes back in to town ten years later he arrests her immediately. However, it soon becomes clear that the anger lingering between them isn't the only thing. As old feelings resurface the character have to overcome a number of problems if they're to be together again. 

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was Aubree's personality. I loved how she teased Parker and the banter that was created. While she clearly cared, I liked her need to tease and wind up the gossips. 

However, while this book started strong, it did get weaker the further the story developed. More strands were introduced and in my opinion it became too many. There wasn't a clear story arc in the end. Were Aubree and parker trying to overcome their past and issues with their relationship, or were Parker's battles the main focus? Neither one outweighed the other and neither were developed in its entirety.  One story line seemed to take over from the previous one without getting a proper ending. 

I don't know, for me things fizzled out in the end. It was a shame really because I was enjoying this book. To me it felt like the author didn't know how to end things and I was left with a lot of questions--for example, what happened to Parker's dad's story line? 

Anyway, overall the majority of the book was good. While it was let down by the ending, I still felt it was an easy read. 


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