Sunday, 15 January 2017

Review ~ Lost in Mr. Parks (The Parks Series #3) by Lilly James

Lost in Mr. Parks (The Parks Series #3)
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: March 1st 2016

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

Wade Parks spent his entire childhood trying to escape the control of his abusive, alcoholic father…

As an adult, he’s eager to control every aspect of his own life. Women and building his business empire were only the beginning of Wade’s obsessions…until he fell in love.

Evelyn Banks’ life has been turned around, and she has Wade to thank…

Wade is walking a tightrope to hell, and Evelyn is determined to pull him out, just like he has done for her. With Evelyn’s help, Wade starts to forget his past, but luck doesn’t seem to be on their side. Just when their relationship is stronger than ever, one deeply buried secret is exposed and may be more than their bond can bear.

A twisted obsession is not the only hidden part of Mr. Park’s life…

When dark family skeletons come out of the shadows, it’s sink or swim. There’s a part of his past that Wade isn’t telling, and when it comes to a head, his future with Evelyn is uncertain, and her life is on the line.

With ominous threats closer than they realize, Evelyn might find herself lost in something deeper and far more dangerous than Mr. Parks…

My Opinion

As a conclusion this was okay. I won't say too much about the plot since it's the final book in a trilogy and I don't want to ruin anything.

The main thing I like about these books is the Britishness. Being English I appreciated the UK author sticking to her roots rather than conforming to Americanisms. It wasn't overdone, it felt authentic, as it should have coming from a British author.

As for the book, like with the others it drew mixed feelings. Something about this series has kept me reading and I can't complain considering I got them all free. However, there was also something that kept me at a distance and dragged the pace a little. I wanted to know how everything turned out for Evey and Parks, which was kept me going. Even though the story line was predictable and easy to figure out, and Parks was a little too controlling for my liking, I still needed to complete their story.

Overall, if you've read previous books in this series this book does give the closure you'll look for. 


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