Friday, 13 January 2017

Review ~ From Rome with Love by Jules Wake

From Rome with LoveeARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: January 13th 2017

Publisher: HarperImpulse

If you can’t stand the heat…

Rome is the city of love and seduction, right? Not if you find yourself staying in a beautiful apartment with your childhood-friend-turned-arch-enemy, Will Ryan…no matter how hot he is!

Romance is the last thing on Lisa’s mind. She’s got more important things to focus on, like hunting down her estranged father. Except when her search falls at the first hurdle, Will doesn’t just help her get back on track, he also shares the romantic sights – and exquisite tastes – of the Eternal City, and Lisa starts to wonder if it’s not just Rome seducing her.

Only, as Lisa and Will dig into the past, neither of them is prepared for the long-buried secrets they reveal. Secrets that will turn both their world’s upside down …

My Opinion

I think I fell in love with this book more than From Paris With Love This Christmas. I reviewed that title recently, having caught it free on Amazon, and it surprised me so much with how I enjoyed it that I had to download this from NetGalley. I mean, my ARC pile was down to 2 books, so I had to stock up again, right?

Anyway, Will and Lisa's story intrigued me in From Paris With Love This Christmas. I always wondered what created the animosity between them and I'm glad they got their own book. They were a great couple of characters to watch unfold and fall in love. Seriously, this book brought a smile to my face numerous times. I loved Will's enthusiasm for food, but I also loved the playful flirting and irritation shared between him and Lisa. They obviously belonged together.

As well as that, I loved the setting. The author captured Italy brilliantly and it felt as if I was truly there. I could imaging this being a great holiday/beach read. This book also did what it sold me on--beating the January blues.

Overall, I enjoyed this even more than the previous book in the series. It held my attention the entire way through and kept me smiling. A beautifully written book I'd definitely recommend.


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