Monday, 8 February 2016

Review ~ Gus (Bright Side #2) by Kim Holden

Gus (Bright Side, #2)
Paperback purchased by myself.

Release Date: May 9th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

The journey that began in top-rated, best-selling Bright Side, continues ... 

This is the story of Gus. 
Losing himself. 
Finding himself. 
And healing along the way. 

“ … but the honest-to-God truth is I don’t even know how to function anymore. Bright Side wasn’t only my best friend; she was like my other half ... the other half of my brain, the other half of my conscience, the other half of my sense of humor, the other half of my creativity, the other half of my heart. How do you go back to doing what you did before, when half of you is gone forever?”

My Opinion

I picked up Gus straight after reading Bright Side. Unlike Bright Side I didn't know what to expect from Gus except that it would be his story after the events that take place in Bright Side. 

I think I enjoyed this book more because I didn't go in expecting too much. I was very much along for the ride and just enjoyed what unfolded. I wasn't always thinking ahead, wondering if events were going to make me cry. And compared to Bright Side, Gus was a lot more light-hearted. It has it's touching and moving moments as Gus struggles to cope, but it did put a smile on my face more than once.

I thought the relationship between Scout and Gus was cute. I liked how they helped each other and I did root for them. It was interesting to see their distaste for each other turn into affection, and I thought the pacing was just right.

Overall, I enjoyed this more than Bright Side, and in a sense it did give me closure. It picks up right where Bright Side left off so you need to read them in order, but Gus kind of heals you.


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