Monday, 9 November 2015

Review ~ Right Where You Are by L.E. Bross

eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: November 16th 2015

Publisher: Pocket Star

Right Where You Are
Avery Melrose is used to having it all. So when her boyfriend cheats on her, she reacts like any spoiled rich girl-she freaks out and vandalizes his new truck, Carrie Underwood style. Now she's stuck with 300 hours of community service doing road-side garbage duty.

Seth Hunter just got out of prison, and after a few hundred hours picking up litter on the side of the highway, he can finally put his mistakes behind him. If he can string together some kind of existence, maybe it'll be enough to get his sister away from their stepfather, the man who sent Seth to prison in the first place.

A romance between these two is doomed from the start. Girls like Avery want castles and white horses, and Seth is no prince charming.

But sometimes, being around Avery makes Seth think he could make something of himself. Maybe even be worthy of a girl like her. It's just too bad real life gets in the way first, tearing these two apart before they have any chance of getting to Happily Ever After.

My Opinion

This was a cute, short read. I didn't know what to expect having never read anything by this author, but it was surprisingly enjoyable and held my attention well.

Right Where You Are follows Avery and Seth as they begin their community service. Seth is on parole while Avery is the rich sorority girl who is used to getting what she wants and uses daddy's money. I found Seth a likeable guy. I could understand the asshole act he put up for the world to see, but behind it all he was a generous guy who just wanted to protect those he loves. Avery on the other hand was more of a mixed bag for me. I liked her, but I didn't believe in her change. It was abrupt and didn't feel natural enough.

I could say that about a lot of the book really. Whilst it was enjoyable, the pacing was way too fast. Everything just seemed to happen and not all of the time was it believable. I wanted there to be a more gradual growth. The speed at which things happened was most noticeable at the ending. For me this book was a great read until the ending. I came away feeling let down and disheartened. I can understand wanting a HEA, but I hate it when everything is summarised in a chapter. I could tell at 90% the ending was going to be rushed and I was right. It was all too easy and it felt like a let down.

Overall, an enjoyable read. The pacing did let it down a bit and the ending wasn't that satisfying, but the majority of it was good.


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