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ARC Review ~ Dare to Rock (Dare to Love #7) by Carly Phillips

Dare to Rock (Dare to Love, #7)eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: August 4th 2015


Avery Dare lives a quiet life in Miami as an online fashion/makeup video blogger. She has good friends, a close, large family and if her love life is lacking, she likes it that way. But when she receives an invitation to one of her ex's concerts along with an invitation to meet him back stage, she decides to take the risk… and comes face to face with the reality of his rock star lifestyle - the press, the crowds, and the half naked groupies. 

At eighteen, Grey Kingston left everything he knew and loved behind to seek fame and fortune as a rock star, and he found it as the lead guitarist and singer for the band, Tangled Royal. Fans adore him, women throw themselves at him, and he can afford everything he couldn’t growing up. Yet at the height of his career, he’s ready to walk away and return home to a simpler life… and the woman he left behind, if he can convince her to give him another chance. 

Except moving on isn’t as easy as Grey would like. When Avery is threatened by a stalker, it becomes evident Grey’s fans not only don’t want him to retire, they don’t want Avery in his life either. And Avery isn’t sure she wants the pressures that are part of Grey’s life… but she doesn’t want to lose him again, either. Can their recently renewed love survive the fallout?

My Opinion

Dare To Rock has split my opinion. On one hand I really enjoyed it. It was an easy, fast-paced read that held my interest well. However, on the other I've come away from it feeling it had so much more potential.

Like I said though, I did enjoy this and it is by no means a bad book. Although I haven't read the previous 6 books in the series, I could understand everything well so it can definitely be read as a standalone. It has made me want to back read though.

I liked Avery and her growth. As someone who hates large crowds and a lot of attention I found her easy to relate to and engage with. I thought the author captured the feelings of her anxiety well without overdoing it, but also made her transformation believable. She had a good heart and was a likeable leading character.

Similarly, Grey was interesting. Being the famous rock star I expected more jackass behaviour, but he knew what he wanted and he didn't waver from it a second time. His loyalty made him admirable. Saying that though I did have a few issues surrounding his character. The first was the name because of a certain famous series. It just didn't click with me, although that's a tiny issue.

The main thing that split my opinion with Dare To Rock was I felt the story only scratched the surface with certain plot strands. I won't give too much away, but I felt the side of the story involving the stalker and Simon (Grey's manager) were underdeveloped. It started off well but then rather than develop, it was but into the background only to reappear at the end suddenly. Personally, I would have liked less sex and more on those threads.

The only other thing was I didn't really feel a spark when Avery and Grey reconnected. I thought their romance and emotions were sweet, but I didn't feel the passion, which I think is why I ended up getting bored of the constant sex.

As well as this I do think the book needs an epilogue for a few months or a year in the future. It ended so suddenly I was taken aback and it didn't have the finality a book usually does when I get to the end. It felt like something was missing.

Overall though I liked Dare To Rock. It was a light, easy read to get lost in and you may want to check it out if you're into rockers.


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