Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review ~ Wombat Sushi - Rhonda Louise

Wombat Sushi
Paperback received from the author in exchange for a honest review

ISBN: 97814666397316


How to make Wombat Sushi: 
1. Take six Australian dancers and one singer who can’t seem to get along.
2. Add a pinch of stupidity, a dash of naïvety and loads and loads of alcohol.
3. Make sure the mixture contains absolutely no self-restraint.
4. Pour into a Japanese club and simmer for three months.
Caution: Definitely contains nuts!

My Opinion

This book was an interesting and fast paced chick-lit novel. The description didn't really sell the book to me as it doesn't give much detail into the plot but once I saw the reviews I was persuaded to try it as it sounded like a good book to chill out with.

In the end Wombat Sushi was a humorous book that I read in one sitting. The characters were funny, wild and easy to engage with. And some of Sam's one liners put a smile on my face. I wouldn't say it was laugh out loud funny but it definitely makes you chuckle. The crazy situations they get into only adds to the drama as well and the book was put together well in plot and structure. The setting was also different and interesting and it was nice to read a chick'lit that wasn't set in America or Paris for once.

There was one thing I had a major problem with though while reading this book and that was the language and grammar. The author continually writes the speech as it would be said for example "Jest git those bloody cosdumes down will ya," I know this is meant to represent their accents but I found it incredibly irritating to read as the accent just wouldn't come to me. I don't mind it occasionally with words like gonna, wanna etc but because it was so frequent and in long chunks, I found it very distracting as I was trying to figure out words rather than read them naturally. This also happened when the Japanese characters were introduced and it all got a bit much. 

As well as this Rhonda Louise likes to extended words and use capitals... a lot. This drove me mad, "Daaaarrryylll!!," "you were reeeeeelly good," "tiiiiiiiicccckkkk toooooccck" or "COMPLETE and TOTAL DISASTER." I'm sorry but for me it felt excessively used (as well as the multiple exclamation marks) and it really did make me want to stop reading the book. I'm not sure what the purpose of it was but I found their was very little speech description so maybe it links with the author writing how they would speak. For me I would rather their speech be described than extend words like that so frequently. It just became annoying.

Overall if you can ignore some of the issues I had with the writing Wombat Sushi was a humorous read. I did find parts irritating but in general it's an ok chick-lit novel that will make you smile.

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