Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Spotlight - Generation Z, Birth of the Zompire by Bill Rockwell

Generation Z Birth of the ZompireGeneration Z, Birth of the Zompire

When Damon Drake is brutally attacked by both a vampire and two zombies, he awakens as a new creature, a zompire–more than an evil vampire, and much more than a mindless zombie. As he discovers his newly acquired abilities and tries to convince the police that he is no danger to human society, he wonders if he and Gabby have any future together. Can their two species even coexist, much less have love expressed between members? Gabby worries—how much has Damon’s conversion changed the man she once loved? Can she love him in his new form?
It is only through mutual trust and cooperation, however, that they can succeed in hunting down the offending vampire, discover the motive behind his attack, destroy him and defeat his zombie army. Can they rediscover their love along the way, or will their differences lead to their mutual destruction?

Genre: Fantasy, paranormal vampire romance, horror.

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About the Author
I consider myself a storyteller first, even above the physician, pediatrician and allergist I was trained to be. I have been writing my entire life, although the stories I wrote as a child and youth in high school have long been lost to household moves and attrition. As a physician, I had little time to write fiction, and most of my writing centered on medical research. Once I retired from practice, I went back to writing stories.

I must be descended from a long line of cavemen who sat around a campfire (built by some other member of the tribe, of course), telling tales of the animals my ancestors hunted, and all the adventures (probably invented by my relatives) that occurred in those hunts. In other words, my ancestors were all fiction authors…liars, really, since these adventures and mythical creatures were simply that: mythical, invented in their minds, and designed to evoke the most emotion in their listeners
So, what does that make me? Answer: the modern novelist who asks “What if,” and then answers with a fantastic and entertaining story. I sincerely hope my stories please and entertain you, maybe take you away from the reality of today’s problems for a short period of time, and are inspirational in other ways to your life.


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