Sunday, 14 April 2013

Book Spotlight - Be'askaas by Nicholas Kerkhoff

Be'askaas - Tales of Death and RedemptionBe'askaas

Two young brothers are cast out into the hard world when their inebriated father loses the family farm. Their only option is to become apprentices for an elderly necromancer many miles away. It’s a disgusting occupation which society fears and despises. The poor rural kids know little of magic and even less about the world at large, but through a series of wizardly jobs and perilous adventures they begin to learn the true nature of power and the potential of their dark art.

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About the Author
Nicholas Kerkhoff has been writing for many years, mostly short fiction, and has only recently expanded into the territory of novels with this book, his first. His writing influences are wide ranging, from Patrick O'Brian to Kerouac to Herbert to Heinlein, and (of course) Tolkien. When not writing or working, he's usually surfing the shores of beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

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