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Review ~ The Angelites Book One - Richard Moran

Paperback received from author in exchange for an honest review

ISBN: 9781482738636

Gina Vasquez was on top of her game in law enforcement. She graduated with top honors from the police academy and was the best detective for the NYPD.

Years later, after relocating to New Mexico to become a small town sheriff, Gina encounters a demonic cult, which were the first steps heading toward her true destiny, leading a group of special officers named The Angelites, to defend the earth and humanity against hell's army known as The Clucifix.

Gina must now make the choice on whether to accept her destiny or go back to the quiet life in New Mexico, allowing her keen skills to go to waste.

My Opinion
This book was definitely not what I expected, although I'm not entirely sure what I went in expecting as the description didn't give much away in regards to the paranormal element - which was the part I was most interested in.

Anyway this book was fast paced and action packed. There was a lot more violence than I anticipated but the author described it in a way that never became over the top. I have read a few books like this where an author goes over the top with gory detail and in the end it detracts from the book, however I think Moran struck a good balance between the gore and detail that actually described the fight, it didn't make me cringe or want to skip parts.

As well as this, this book had an interesting plot and used the themes of angels and demons in a different way to what I have read before. I liked the uniqueness and the fact that the angels where there as guides and to give powers rather than the center of attention. It was a nice change from all the paranormal romances I have read where the angels are hot guys.

The Angelites took a little while for me to get into as I found that the way the author kept switching from place to place in each chapter a little confusing (didn't help I am not familiar with all the places in the US) but as the novel went on and I started to understand who was who it became easier to follow when there was a switch in character and place and by the end I liked the style of knowing what was going on everywhere.

One thing I found annoying about this book was that I couldn't really connect with the characters. The storyline was great but the only one I felt myself feeling sympathy toward was Saxon and I think that was because his emotions felt real. Apart from him I did feel quite detached from the rest of the character and just couldn't connect with them. Maybe it was because the seemed a bit more ruthless or there wasn't enough of a back story to create a relationship. Other than that, the only other thing I struggled with as it broke up the fast paced nature of the book was there were a few typos and grammar errors that had me re-reading sentences a few times. Although it was easy to figure out what the author meant and they were minor it did detract slightly as I had to pause and question what I was reading.

Overall though The Angelites presented a unique spin on the angel/demon genre and I enjoyed the concept. The story, although a bit confusing at the start, is well structured, had a solid storyline and only got better as it went on. It was filled with loads of action and kept me turning pages at a quick pace. If you try this book I would definitely recommend sticking with it as it is an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to the next installment. 

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  1. Thanks Sienna! I'm taking everything into consideration and just wait until the next book comes out!


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