Saturday, 22 September 2012

Catching the Fever - Kylee Gwartney

Catching the FeverDescription
All Brynn, Claudia, and Norah wanted was a normal sophomore year. You know, homecoming, photography class, watching Audrey Hepburn movies – that sort of thing. Well, it’s good they didn’t know what was coming because they would never have had the guts to show up. It’s pretty crazy what they went through to try to save the place - their school, that is. They can’t say they didn’t have fun ….even if they did have to steal a BMW. P.S. Justin Crew really is as hot as everyone says. They would know.
My Opinion
This book was a quick and easy read which I enjoyed over a few hours. The plot was simple and easy to follow but also made you want read on. The characters in this book where really well developed and seemed realistic. Their strong friendship was believable and the conversations they had used language that sounded like a bunch of teens, which was great as I have read all too many books with teenagers using words that just aren't appropriate for their age. I also loved the fact that not everything was revealed about the characters' back story straight away (e.g Brynn's mother), as it gave you something to anticipate.

There were a few things I didn't enjoy so much though. The initial concept/idea was good and I knew from the request that it would involve a star 'like' Justin Bieber. However what I didn't know was how alike the character would be and to be honest it was basically him. Everything about him, hair, dress, name, fans were related to Bieber and for me I would have liked maybe something a bit different. For me it didn't sound like there was much thought put into his character or imagination. I would have liked a different name at the least.

Also the other thing that I had a slight issue with was the constant switching of viewpoints; don't get me wrong, I love reading books told from different perspectives as you get a better insight, and I wouldn't have wanted the book just to be told from one point of view. However a few times I did get a little confused as to who I was reading about. It did clear up pretty quickly though so wasn't a major problem.

Overall this book was a simple, easy read. The characters keep your interest and they are easily to relate to as they are believable. I liked the idea but would have liked a few more differences between Bieber and Justin Crew but even though I had this problem it was still an enjoyable read and would recommend it.

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  1. Oh no! I don't really care for Bieber...
    It's sounds good otherwise.
    Photography and movies... reminds me of a book I just read.


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