Friday, 14 September 2012

The Birth of Vengeance - Paul Ross

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything for awhile, I've been really busy with the start of college and everything. I have a few reviews still to write but for now here is my review of The Birth of Vengeance.

The Birth of VengeanceDescription
Jonathan Harper is young, innocent, and bullied to utter despair. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman offers an opportunity to posses the powers of a vampire, without becoming a vampire.
My Opinion
I didn't think it was possible to come at the vampire genre from a new angle any more, what with the numerous books already out there. However Paul Ross has managed to do this and has created an interesting and intriguing story.

I liked the idea of the woman being the vampire lead for once and loved Thorn's strong characteristics. I also enjoyed the fact that the book approached the vampire theme from a new angle by using a science/experiment theme to link and introduce Jonathan and Thorn. As well as this, the action in this book was great! I love books that go into a lot of detail during fights and I could picture the scenes really easily.

For me the start was a bit slow and it took a while to get into the main storyline but I understand that it is necessary for explaining the reasons for Jonathan actions later on in the book. I would also have liked more insight and development of Jonathan's thoughts about his revenge, for example during build up to it, as it sometimes seemed to happen too quickly and the emotions didn't always seem right, or a bit toned down sometimes. That might just be me though as I like the darker side of stories. Also throughout the book there are a few typos but they a minor and do not detract from the story in anyway.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. Although it was obviously going to be about revenge and some parts were quite predictable, I was not able to predict the ending, which was great. I liked the new take on the vampire theme and liked Thorn's personality. Like I said before though, I would have liked a bit more character development and insight into Jonathan thoughts about revenge as I believe it would just make engaging with the character slightly easier and interesting.


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