Friday, 5 October 2012

Things are Going to Slide - Rangeley Wallace

Things Are Going to SlideDescription
In Things Are Going to Slide, Marilee Carson Cooper, daughter of a prominent southern family, teaches law and runs a law school legal aid clinic in the small Alabama town her family has inhabited for generations. But then things slip out of her control. She is pregnant with her second child when her husband leaves her for another man. She loses a coveted job--to her first love--that would ensure her financial security, and she is desperately trying to help a teen-age mother accused of murdering her baby. 

My Opinion

This book was different from most things I had read before. I enjoyed the twists and turns the book took, most of which kept you guessing throughout. Even though there wasn't as much action (I'm not saying there wasn't drama because there was a lot) as I normally like in a book, it did keep me hooked and I found myself staying up as I had lost track of time. I could also sympathise with Marilee's, (the leading female character) emotions and situations easily which was good as it meant I wasn't disconnected from the book. The romance was intertwined around Marilee's life and there wasn't as much romance as I would have liked from a book in the Chick- lit genre, but when Wallace did include it, I loved it! At first I didn't know how to respond to Dwight but by the end I found myself beginning to like him more and more.

I did have a few problems with this book though. First of all I found myself quite confused at times as Wallace used some acronyms/abbreviations without explaining what they meant, although this might be because they are common knowledge in the US and if it was, being from the UK meant I had trouble understanding. I also struggled at times to understand some of the lawyer's jargon as not having a great knowledge of the subject I found myself needing extra explanations that never arrived.

As well as this the chapter length hindered me slightly, as I hate stopping in the middle of the chapter, so when chapter 1 appeared as 91pages on my iPod I found it a struggle to read as it didn't seem to move on quick enough. Sometimes it seemed there may have been too much description (I know what your thinking, how can a book have too much description) but for me, sometimes the book went on a bit too much about the surroundings and things I wasn't interested in, which didn't move the story on quick enough for me. However the chapters and description did vary throughout the book and the story keeps you hooked so it's not a major problem.

Overall this book kept me hooked and I did find it an interesting read. At points I struggled with some of the language (so beware as some parts may be hard to understand if you are like me and clueless about law) and I had a few other problems but they were minor. I liked the relationships intertwined in the story and would liked to have seen them developed/detailed more as I'm a sucker for romance, but generally this book also kept me guessing, which was great as unpredictable books in my are opinion are the best kind.

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