Sunday, 10 July 2016

Review ~ Edge of Glory (Friendship, Texas, #1) by Magan Vernon

Edge of Glory (Friendship, Texas, #1)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: July 12th 2016

Publisher: Self-published

"Welcome to Conti's. I'm Lia and I'll nguhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

I froze. Directly facing me was Olympic swimmer, Jay Morningstar… and I just made an idiot of myself.

The rest of the table looked up to see me standing there with my mouth practically gaping. His coach, who I recognized from TV interviews, and even two other swimmers from the Olympic team... they didn't say anything, they didn't even blink.

"Uh… I mean…"

I couldn't even put together my words and Jay Morningstar was just staring at me with that Wheaties box smile and those icy blue eyes.

What was I supposed to say? Sorry I just made a weird noise, it's just that I have a poster of you on my wall where you are wearing nothing more than your gold medals, a smile, and a pair of man panties?

My Opinion

I've only ever read a few books about swimmers before. In fact, I can probably count the titles on one hand. However, since I love sport romances Edge of Glory intrigued me and I always like reading about different types of sportsmen.

Edge of Glory was an easy read. It held my attention well and I sped through the entire book in a few hours. The book centres around Jay and Lia. Jay is a gold medallist Olympic swimmer and Lia is a waitress in her family's Italian restaurant. They run into each other when Lia has to serve Jay and his friends in the restaurant and from then on, Jay is trying to prove his feelings for her. With obstacles such as the media, strict parents, Lia suddenly becoming put into the spotlight, and other drama, the couple have a lot to overcome if they're to be together. The question is can they?

Although predictable, I felt the swimming aspect gave this book a hint of originality that kept it interesting. It didn't bother me that the plot was generic to this genre, I connected with the characters and was happy to enjoy their story.

Overall, this was an enjoyed read. If you're looking for a sweet romance this might be for you.


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