Monday, 9 May 2016

Review ~ First Match (Coded for Love Book 6) by Lynne Silver

First Match (Coded for Love Book 6)
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: May 2nd 2016

Publisher: Beyond the Page

The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions. 

Growing up on the Program campus, Peter Shepard always knew he’d become a soldier. But he’s hungry to sample the outside world, and maybe even a woman, before he begins basic training. He gets his wish when a chance meeting leads him into the arms of Allison Macclesfield—a beautiful free spirit and the first woman to make him question the structured life that lies before him. 

Allison is ready for adventure, sampling whatever pleasures life throws at her as she pursues a music career. She’s intrigued by the mystery surrounding Peter, and the instant chemistry between them makes her more than willing to show him everything he’s been missing. But hooking up with Peter comes at a price. 

When their growing desire turns to thoughts of devotion, Peter and Allison will be forced to make a very adult decision: to stick to their plans and follow their old dreams or to give up everything for a chance to build a new life together. And both may have to face the harsh truth that sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want most for the person you love.

My Opinion

First Match is another short story in the series. Because of that I'm not going to say much since there isn't exactly a lot to review.

This book tells the story of Shep meeting his match. It was a sweet read and a nice bonus, but like with most short stories it didn't create much of a connection. Since Shep features in all of the books you feel like you know him already, though. This meant that some of the blanks were filled in and this was a good add on.

Overall, it's not the best in the series because of its length, but if you're a fan of the series you'll like it.


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