Monday, 28 December 2015

Review ~ Resisting the Moon: A Royal Shifters Novel by L.P. Dover

Resisting the Moon: A Royal Shifters NoveleARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: December 28th 2015

Publisher: Self-published

The past was pain.
The present unclear.

For Tyla Rand, her future couldn't be bleaker. Death follows her everywhere, especially to those she loves. Being a member of the royal pack, she believes her time of happiness will come. That is, until wolves from her old pack show up missing. Her mission is to find them, but she won't be going alone.

Sebastian Lyall, a true born royal and the one man Tyla loathes, has offered to help in her quest. Their journey not only brings out their true desires, but attracts the attention of another, someone from Tyla's past. However, nothing is as it seems. Death is not done with her and now he wants her to pay. He won't be satisfied until he's taken everything away . . . including those she loves.

My Opinion

I don't know how LP has interested me with this series since I've lost interest in the paranormal genre recently. However, it's a credit to her writing that even through that she manages to create a story that immersed me in her world and refused to allow me to put the book down.

Like with all of her other reads, Resisting the Moon captured my interest from beginning to end and I loved the subtle connections that link her books together.

Resisting the Moon followed Tyla. I loved her stubbornness and alpha tendencies right from the beginning. I also could understand why she refused to let Sebastian in.

Sebastian on the other hand was a loveable lead. He did everything right where Tyla was concerned and I sympathised with him when she still pushed him away. However, I loved his loyalty, determination, and protectiveness over not only Tyla but his family and friends. He was a true protector but he had a great balance or rough and softness.

Overall, another fast-paced, drama-filled read from LP. I can't wait for whatever she releases next, whether it shifter, MMA, undercover agents, or sports personalities!


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