Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review ~ On Thin Ice (On Thin Ice #1) by Victoria Villeneuve

On Thin Ice (On Thin Ice #1)Downloaded from Amazon for free

Release Date: June 20th 2013

Kylie thought her life ended months earlier when the night from hell turned her world upside down. Instead of finishing medical school, Kylie became an alcoholic. Her parents forced her into a rehab center, and when a strange new man shows up to group therapy, Kylie feels something for the first time in months. 

It turns out the handsome stranger is none other than Daniel Ross, captain of the Seattle Sea Lions hockey team. He and Kylie are drawn to each other, each with a dark part of their past they’d rather forget. But will the fear of exposing themselves make them run from each other as well?

My Opinion
This was an OK read but like so many of the free novellas I've downloaded, it is used as a hook to try and persuade you to buy the rest of the series. The story line was a lot different to what I expected and based on the cover alone I would not have guessed any of it was to do with rehab with hardly any romance.

Like most novellas though this moves at a quick pace and is a short read that's good for breaking up time. I would have like more background, romance and for it to be longer as the premise is interesting. However it was too short for me to consider purchasing the rest. If they were in a box set maybe, but I don't feel I get enough for my money when they are sold separately.

Still, it's OK for a freebie if you're looking for a quick read.

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