Thursday, 3 April 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Welcome to Deep Cove (Vellian Mysteries Book 1) by Grant T. Reed

Welcome to Deep Cove (Vellian Mysteries Book 1)Welcome to Deep Cove

Release Date: March 16th 2014

Publisher: Self-published

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Humor

Word Count: 87,701

At thirty-one, Garrett Willigins has finally earned his private investigator's badge. Unfortunately, the bills haven't stopped coming and building a solid reputation won't happen overnight. Forced to take employment wherever they can, Garrett and his miniature dragon partner Merle, must dirty their hands any way possible to make a buck.
Shoveling manure, chasing cats, and dock duty seem to be the order of the day. Working off back rent for a notorious gangster isn't the safest of jobs on a good day, but when the other workers start turning up dead, Garrett finds himself elbow deep in a mystery that could spell a quick end to his short P.I career.

About the Author
Grant Reed has a background in business management, computer programming, and computer networking. He would much rather be out fishing though, so he spends his time writing and teaching computer courses at CTS. He lives in Lively Ontario, Canada with his wife Robin, and their two children Aidan and Megan.

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