Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Hunting With Lawn Darts, The Journey of a Nice Guy in the Dating World - Geoffrey McKeel

Hunting With Lawn Darts, The Journey of a Nice Guy in the Dating World


Chad Jordan is a nice guy. Just one day removed from a split with his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie, he now must venture back into the obscenely unforgiving world of modern dating. Having spent the last four years sequestered from the single life and with an outlook on courtship that expired about half a century ago, Chad soon finds out that being such a gentle soul, with a preternatural connection to his emotional side, does not necessarily supply him an advantage in finding compatibility. Only the most unlikely of refuges may be guiding his monumental struggle to find that special someone.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

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About the Author

Geoffrey is a military pilot and author with publishing credit in professional military journals. He also blogged about his experiences overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

"Hunting With Lawn Darts" is his first novel and it is an offbeat romantic and social comedy about a nice guy and his foibles, for simply being just an earnest person, in the urban Chicago dating scene. The story is based in a twist of a New Mexico State University study that found women preferring the narcissistic, psychopathic, and Machiavellian bad boys as love interests, at least in the short term.

Geoffrey currently resides in northern Virginia and continues to work on future writing projects, both for the military and for entertainment.

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