Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Book Spotlight - Four's A Crowd by Maria Bradley


FOUR'S A CROWD is about three very different characters that are thrown together in life's absurd tapestry. Jack, at just 17, has spent a lifetime in care, is socially awkward, and has fallen prey to a nasty drug dealer. His life on the streets is cold, lonely and miserable until he meets Chairman (or at least he thinks that's his name). Chairman is a clueless but lovable tramp, with no memory whatsoever, but who speaks with a "Made in Chelsea" accent.
These two vulnerable souls sense the need in each other and form an oddball friendship, which gives them the courage to leave their present ragged existence, and search for the answers to their questions.
When they land in Manchester, they hear an altercation on the canal bank, when a young gypsy girl "Sky" is struggling with a strange man who is attempting to drag her into the bushes. Chairman instantly becomes a Ninja type superhero, and karate chops the girl free from her abductor. When they return to Sky's camp, her family have disappeared, so 15 year old Sky then becomes the third member of their lost, confused and unorthodox little family.
Now the tumultuous adventure really begins. Chairman's true identity plunges them into a murder mystery, Jack reveals an incredible gift, and Sky uncovers an eidetic memory, hitherto unknown to her. The trio battle a narcissistic neuroscientist "Dr Rhinehart" whose intention is to control and manipulate the minds of all he experiments on. Murder, illusion, lies and deceit, are the threads that eventually tie all of their muddled histories together, and finally, threaten their sanity, and their lives.                   

About the Author 
Not a lot to say about me really. Pretty boring in life (apart from my kids, they're not boring. They're cool!). I like to think I live in the world of my own story when I am writing it. I try to imagine how I would feel in the same situation as my character. Even the scariest moments in life quicken your heartbeat, goosebump your skin and tingle your nerves. At least then, you know you are alive! I am a nobody until I read  or write a book. Then the opportunities are endless! Well that's how I feel about the written word, but if you want the mundane "real life" details then here goes. I am too old for my brain (47). I work ay YMCA shop voluntarily and have loved working with special needs children who are amazingly wonderful and riotously funny. Adore my own three terrific, also riotously funny, young adult children and I read and write whenever and wherever I can. I hope that's enough to interest you Sienna and I thank you so much for your time.

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