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Review ~ Can't Walk Away by Ashlee Taylor

Can't Walk Away
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: July 28th 2015

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

Christianna Thomas only wanted a break from her boring life… 

But when she wakes up in a strange hotel room with absolutely no memories of what transpired, she has no other choice but to return to her writing career, plagued by dreams of an enigmatic, silver-eyed man. 

Nicholas Prescotti is haunted by flashes of a breathtaking beauty he can’t believe is real… 

He tries to force her from his mind and focus on his obligations to his powerful family, but when he crosses paths with his mystery woman again, he is driven to uncover the truth about that night. 

They find something they never anticipated…and much more than they bargained for. 

As a result of their first forgotten meeting and Nico’s determination to seize the reins of his own life, family ties are severed and allies become rivals. When trust is betrayed and events are set in motion, Nico and Christianna find themselves in grave danger just when they should be happiest. 

When confronted with secrets and deadly agendas threatening the lives of those she loves most, will Christianna leave Nico? 

Or will she discover she can’t walk away…

My Opinion

I won this book back when it was released, but I never got around to reading it. I was skimming through my list of freebies when I found it again and thought I'd give it ago even though I had completely forgotten what it was about.

Due to the fact I didn't look it up to remind myself of the blurb, I went into this book blind and I was surprised by what I got. I didn't expect a mafia romance based on the cover, but it was a nice surprise. I had just been thinking about trying to find one since that was what I was in the mood for.

Anyway, this book held my attention brilliantly. I liked the story, the emotions, and the characters. It all unravelled well and the the suspense element kept me intrigued. I got through this book a lot quicker than I expected because I couldn't put it down.

Nico was a complex character for me to understand. There were clearly two sides to him--loving family man and then mafia boss. I thought the author did a good job of creating a likeable character with a dark undercurrent. The mafia element didn't overpower this book and the balance between light and dark was good. There was also plenty of chemistry and hear between Nico and Christianna.

My only minor complaint is a few times I wished events hadn't been repeated from both characters' points of view. I hate it when authors do this because it slow the pace of the story and is generally unnecessary. Reactions and actions from the character narrating are enough to know their thoughts, I don't need to re-read the events from their view too. However; I was pleased the author didn't do this with every chapter.

Overall, I didn't expect to get what I did with this book based on the cover, but I couldn't have been more pleased. It held my attention and drew me into this author's world easily.


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