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Review ~ If I Break (If I Break, #1) by Portia Moore

If I Break (If I Break, #1)
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: June 6th 2014

Publisher: Self-published

When I met Cal Scott, I knew he’d be a distraction.

At six-foot-two, with ebony hair, deep gray eyes, and a smile that
could only hide an agenda, I knew he was trouble. And for the first
time in my life, a little trouble was just what I needed.

No. What I wanted.

It wasn’t like I’d ever marry the guy.
Until I did.

What I thought would be my happily ever after, was only the beginning.
Cal has a secret. One that makes loving him come with a price, and
being his wife cost more than I bargained for.

My Opinion

I'm so torn about this book now I've reach the end. On one hand I enjoyed it. I thought it was well written, carefully crafted, and kept me intrigued. However, on the other, I can't decide whether I want to continue the series.

I'm not going to say too much about the plot as I don't want to ruin things. This is a book you need to experience and go in blind because the suspense and the secrets the author bestowed upon Cal are what kept me reading until the end. The book started off slow and I did consider giving up, but I wanted to know what secret Cal was keeping too much, and the further I got into the book the harder I found it to put down.

However, now I've reached the end I can't figure out what I want to do next. Well, I can. I want to know what happens and if Cal and Lauren get their HEA. However, I've seen on Amazon that this is a four book series and this is where my problem comes from. Before anyone says anything, this isn't a matter of price and paying for the books. My issue is that If I Break seemed to drag at times already. There was a lot of story, but I don't know if I can read four books. Had there been 2 or 3 I would definitely continue the series. Yet, with that fourth book, I just don't think I want to read so much to get a resolution. I'm ready for it now and I can't see how the author can create 4 books that are going to hold my attention. I can see myself getting bored around book 3 and knowing I'm not going to be satisfied with the ending so will have to read another book for that will ruin my experience.

I don't want to tarnish my thoughts on this book because I really did enjoy it. I thought the emotions created were powerful and the author has clearly gone to great lengths to research her facts. However, can I read 3 more books? I just don't know. There doesn't feel like there is four books worth of story. I may be wrong, and judging this author from past experience unfairly, but my gut feeling is usually right in these situations when I feel there will be more padding than story.

Overall, this is a great read but it leaves on a cliffhanger. It's full of emotions and held my attention well, but I don't know if I'll read more. Maybe I'll give book 2 a go and see how I feel after that.


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